STHLM PHONE HOME is a feverish, introverted diary, grimy and dreamlike, with surrealist undertones. This series of black-and-white photographs spans the years 2011 to 2015 and restricts itself to photographs taken in Stockholm using an iPhone – a mobile device that Per Englund first acquired because of its map functions.

In the foreword, Englund talks about his compulsive photo collecting, unpleasant dreams and the difference between snapshots and pictures. Locations, dates and times are given for every exposure in a chronological index.

Per Englund moved to Stockholm from his hometown Gothenburg in 2007, and the camera came to be used both as a shield and as a battering-ram in the unfamiliar city. The result is a piece of black-and-white pictorial poetry in which modern technology meets traditional craft.

Published by Dokument Press, 2016. Edition 700 copies.