I have merged the words paranormal and panorama to describe the images I make by using the limitations of the smartphone's new technology. I create paranormaloramas by shooting moving objects while in motion myself, or by mimicking thought orbits of imaginary planets while pointing the camera at static landscapes or solid buildings. The result is defying all known rules of gravity and reason and resembles the logics of my dreams. Bodies are torn apart and hastily put together. Cars, trains and buildings are chopped up, squeezed together and melted.

This book was photographed and printed during a three week stay in India.

– Laser printed in Pune, India, November 2015
– Spiral bound
– 50 pages
– 23 paranormaloramas
– Published by Svensk Bokproduktion
– ISBN: 978-91-980137-3-3
– Edition: 22 copies

Reviewed by HERE (in Swedish only)